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Blahhh Mulberry, UGG, Victoria Secret and Folio Folio have all wanted me to have a interview with them and ive either turned off my phone or just couldnt face going to the interview. I wont have a job in maybe 2 months time either… this sucks.

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  • "Never Gonna Change" - Broods

"You’re pushing down on my shoulders
And emptying my lungs
An in a moment I’m older
In a moment, you’ve won
And you escape me
Like it’s nothing
Like words I never should have said
And the stress comes to the surface
But all of the heroes are dead

And I hate that I can’t say your name
Without feeling like I’m part of the blame
And it’s never gonna feel quite the same
But it’s never gonna change
And I hate that I’m always so young
Had me feeling like you were the one
And it’s never gonna feel like it’s done
'Cause it's never gonna change
Never gonna change
Never gonna change
Never gonna change

While I dance here softly
You’re next to me again
But we’re still tugging on each other
And tearing up the fraying loose ends”

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Sometimes I really hate myself! Victoria Secret rang me after I applied for a job and she wanted a mini interview with me and because it caught me so off guard and I had no time to prepare after the second question I froze and hung up on her! Urgh i am such a dick, my day is ruined…

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